Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Road Trip!

We here at littleboxes are going to Grand Forks, ND tomorrow. How exciting!!
Today was a bloody day. One of our staff members suffered a wound to the head, but he looks to be OK. We're all trying to stay away from the news.
It's pretty pathetic that a Repbulican congressman can release a coherent statement agains the war but that John Kerry cannot. Apparently he is not a leader, but he is also, not George W. Bush.

Movie Night! Collateral was pretty good, we all enjoyed it, even those among us who don't really like Tom Cruise. Good stuff.

There is a plethora of Olympic Ass Shots going around on the web. Good lord. Everytime we turn around there is more ass!

More on inequality.


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Hiatus? What hiatus?


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