Friday, January 28, 2005

Same Old Song and Dance

So, in the news today, a headline was: US Will Pull Out if New Iraqi Leaders Request It

Asked by the daily in its 40-minute interview, carried out on Thursday, if the US troops should be withdrawn if the new Iraqi administration requested it, Bush said: "Yes, absolutely. And this is a sovereign government -- they're on their feet."


Sure, President Bush swears he'll pull out if asked. But, the ladies here at littleboxes have heard that one before. Remember, the safest thing is to not let Mr. Bush invade your terrority, but if you can't avoid that, at least use some protection.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Show me "sand the floor"

Best quote from George W. Bush about Iraq:

"I firmly planted the flag of liberty," he said.

Ok, George, you didn't firmly plant shit. If anything was indeed planted, it was planted by american soldiers and many others who have sacrificed their lives for your ideas about freedom or whatever. If anything was indeed planted, it's a bit of stretch to say it has been planted firmly. Good lord.

Bush calls on Iraqis to vote:
Clearly, there are some who are intimidated. I urge people to vote. I urge people to defy these terrorists."

Would G.W. really vote if he might get blown up? This is the man who flew around the nation like scared little child on Sept 11th when his counterpart, Rudy G. was walking around New York City like a competent and strong leader. (Despite this, the staff at littleboxes really dont' care for Rudy.)

"Pull the string!"

Meanwhile, if social security were a toilet:

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Mr. President!

Yo, 43, you've got to inhale. Hold it in your lungs not your cheeks. We thought you were the anti-Clinton, but here you are, not inhaling.

Meanwhile, Condi gets confirmed with Kerry and Boxer the only "no" votes.

Oh Condi Condi beggin’ on my knees
Open up your heart and let me in wontcha please
Got no money but everybody knows
I love you Condi and I’ll never let you go
Sweet and dandy pretty as can be
You be the flower and I’ll be the bumble bee
Oh she loves me oops she loves me not
People say you’re cold but I think you’re hot

Oh, Condi, Condi
Oh, Condi, Condi

Oh Condi, Condi I’m talkin’ to you girl
What’s it gonna hurt come on give me a whirl
Shake your body now let me see you go
One time for me Oh Condi I love you so
Skank for me Condi show me what you got
They say you’re too uptight I say you’re not
Dance around me spinnin’ like a top
Oh Condi Condi Condi don’t ever stop

Oh Condi Condi Can’t you hear me call
I’m standin’ in the street outside your garden wall
Pocketful of money belly full of wine
Condi in my heart and romance on my mind
Listen to me Condi don’t be afraid
I come here tonight to chase your blues away
I’ll never hurt you I’ll treat you right
Oh Condaleeza won’t you come out tonight

Pretty little Condi precious as can be
Bet you never had another lover like me
(Steve Earle)

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Squirrely you can't be serious?

David Brooks is at it again! Today he frames his article around the existence of two distinct groups. How can being a op-ed writer for the New York Times be so easy?
Apparently, unbeknownst to everyone but Mr. Brooks, the democratic party is divided into two groups, those that are inspired by Bill Clinton and those inspired by Newt Gingrich. If only they had known it was this simple they could have just locked those two in a room and the Dems could have reached a concensus. That is a pretty conservative democratic party!

Seriously, what is with David Brooks? Why, oh, why does he keep us awake at night with his incessant dichotomization (is that word?) of our lives?

Does anyone actually enjoy reading his articles?
Do people go about repeating such informative and incisive lines as "The Democratic Gingrichians are different." Or perhaps people fall more for lines such as "The problem with the neo-Gingrichians is that they have their history backward."

What does all of this mean?
"The truth is that Democrats probably need a leader who will make liberals feel uncomfortable, the way Clinton did, not someone who will make them feel righteous and good." Not so for the Republicans, Dave points out. We're glad we've had that clarified for us.

However, we don't really want anyone to feel righteous and good. Righteous and good about what? The Iraq war? Hating gay people? OK, not having to pay estate taxes?


Meanwhile, people are still getting nailed in the nuts. the request of those staff members who are aroused by certain "members" of the male gender..

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Early Mornin' Rain

Duluth, MN January 11, 2005

In the early morning rain with a dollar in my hand
And an aching in my heart and my pockets full of sand
I'm a long way from home and I miss my loved one so
In the early morning rain with nowhere to go.

Cut on runway number nine, big 707 set to go
I'm stuck here on the ground, where the cold winds blow
The liquor tasted good and the women all were fast
There she goes, my friend, she's rolling down at last.

Hear the mighty engines roar, see the silver bird on high
She's away and westward bound, far above the clouds she'll fly
Where the morning rain don't fall and the sun always shines
She'll be flying over my home in about three hours time.

This old airport's got me down, it's no earthly good to me
Because I'm stuck here on the ground, cold and drunks as I might be
You can't hop a jet plane like you can a freight train
So I'd best be on my way in the early morning rain.

-Gordon Lightfoot

Monday, January 10, 2005

God Said "No." Abe said "what?"

The Whiskey Bar is a good read. Unfortunately, it is only sporadically updated and is for the most part closed. But this speculation about the possible future in Iraq and its resemblance to El Salvador is beyond compelling.

Meanwhile...on Highway 61.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Jenny was a friend of mine

Well, well...Happy New year. After an extended holiday break the staff at littleboxes want to welcome you to another year of pointless posting here at littleboxes. We do not value introspection here at littleboxes, so you will find no remembrances of things past or any resolutions. We are already perfect, god forbid we were to somehow change.

some of the staff purchased some music over the break. They liked it. However, we're all sick of telling you things. Go find your own music.

We saw a few movies too. We liked a few. Again, find your own damn movies.

A few of us got hooked into watching all the Tsunami news on CNN. Those of us who needed to know just how compassionate the U.S. government really is tuned into FOX news.

Bush said something today about it not the compassion of our government but the compassion of the american people that is pretty fucking rad (or something like that). However, we here at littleboxes feel that the government is the people, so why make the distinction?

New York Times headline calls the insurgents "rebels." Does that mean Luke, Han, and Leah are out there in Iraq, fighting the good fight? Is Don Rumsfeld Darth Vader? Some of us really hate star wars, stupid sci-fi crap.

All of us like dogs. Happy New Year.