Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Just Like That

Maybe we have foggy memories, but things like this were not said before the war. But do the American people have a long enough memory for these kind of statements to piss them off?

The White House report says victory in Iraq will take time.

"It is not realistic to expect a fully functioning democracy, able to defeat its enemies and peacefully reconcile generational grievances, to be in place less than three years after Saddam (Hussein) was finally removed from power," the report said.


We're happy to welcome the Bush administration back to reality, but didn't you guys and gals know it wouldn't be easy before you started this thing? If you didn't know, you're a bunch of assholes. If you did, but didn't tell the county, you're a bunch of assholes.

All we remember before the war was talk about mushroom clouds and how it really wouldn't be that hard to create a democracy in Iraq. Why, they were an educated secular people with oil money that could be used for reconstruction.

We don't know about you, but Bjorn informed us, that after listening to the Bush administration's prewar pep talks about Iraq this is what he pictured Baghdad might look like 3 years after the invasion:

Monday, November 14, 2005


OK. We're a pretty shy group here, especially when it comes to fashion. But sometimes, crimes are committed. Horrible, unspeakable crimes that violate our sense of common decency. We've been noticing once such egregious violation of good taste with increasing regularity.

Our Claim: Pointy shoes are ugly.

Our Argument:
People! Stop wearing the pointy shoes. They are ugly. They look especially bad on men. Ugh. These are the leisure suits of our era. They look like court jester shoes. They aren't comfortable, they look like shit.

Our Evidence:
They look stupid.

They make otherwise hot women look bad. (well, not that bad)

They encourage silly behavior.

They look soooo bad.

Our Amendment: insert the adjective "fucking" before ugly.

Our Verdict: Point shoes, fucking ugly.